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Welcome to Room 3, Primary 2 with Miss McDade.  Keep checking here for updates about the class, homework and learning.

Google Classroom guidance

Accessing Google Classroom Video

Handing in work on Google Classroom tutorial video

How to access free Collins Big Cat ebooks
Access 330+ free KS1 ebooks from our primary reading programme
Go to Collins Connect and click on the Teacher portal and enter: 
Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk
Password: Parents20! 
and click Login. 

WB 27.04.20 - Learning Information

Good morning everyone, hope you are well.

I have created new challanges in Sumdog this week, concentration on time. (All logins are on the Google Classroom page)

If you continue reading some books from the Big Cat Reading scheme, choosing the colour band that you are currently working on.
Please also take part in reading for enjoyment and choose something to read that interests you. Login details above.

Spelling & Phonics
Just continue to work through the spelling programme and common words that were posted on the 16th March. Ensure that children can both read and spell common words and phonics.

Primary 2 Sounds & Common Words Overiview Sheet

Word Maker a_e - ee

Word Maker ng - ow

Word Maker oy - wh

Doorway online is a great resource for phonics and the children are familar with this as we use this in class weekly. I will add a link below.
Doorway Online Speller

Talk 4 writing have released some useful resources for writing. Stories and activities have been created for each primary stage. There are quite a few activities and we will use this pack over 2/3 weeks. You do not have to complete all tasks and can also choose which ones you want to complete. I have added the tasks onto the Google Classroom page.

Talk 4 Writing Resource - Sidney Spider

Google Classroom
Any work that you complete can be handed into the Google Classroom page or you can email to myself on gw12hoggjulie@glow.sch.uk.

Please find a small video tutorial on posting work onto the Google Classroom page.

Handing in work on Google Classroom tutorial video

Mrs Hogg

WB 27.04.20 - Mrs Tavendale

Good morning everyone.
Hope you are all well and enjoyed trying the throwing and catching challenges in this lovely weather.
Thank you for letting me know how well you are getting on with your challenges its great to hear from you.
Its Monday again and I've got new challenges for you.
1) You will need a ball, any size will do, and a space, the garden, the close, mum and dad will help you choose.
This week we are going to think about bouncing.
Challenge 1: How many times can you bounce the ball without missing it?
Challenge 2: How many times can you bounce the ball with one hand without missing it?
Challenge 3: How many times can you bounce the ball with alternate hands without missing it?
Remember to set yourself targets, if you can bounce the ball five times try ten bounces.
Test your family to see how well they take up the challenge.

2) Our Health and wellbeing focus this month has been keeping safe so here is your second challenge:
It is always important to wash your hands and at the moment so important.
Think about all the things you do with your hands.
Draw round your hands.
On each finger draw or write about something you do with your hands during the day.
Use your hands to design  a poster encouraging people in your house to  wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
Where do you think most people would see your poster in the house?
Display your poster in the best place.

I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on this week and I would love to see the posters you make.


Happy designing
Mrs Tavendale

Literacy Tasks

Numeracy Tasks

50 Activities to do Outdoors

Outdoor Learning Art Grid

Stem Home Learning Grid

Activity Booklet

STEM activities:
Please click on the link below for some STEM ideas and activities you might like to try: