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29.04.20 - Mrs Tavendale
Good morning everyone.
Hope you are all well and enjoyed trying the throwing and catching challenges.
Thank you for letting me know how well you are getting on with your challenges its great to hear from you.
Its Wednesday again and I've got new challenges for you.
1): You will need a ball, any size will do, and a space, the garden, the close, mum and dad will help you choose.
This week we are going to think about bouncing.
Challenge 1: How many times can you bounce the ball without missing it?
Challenge 2: How many times can you bounce the ball with one hand without missing it?
Challenge 3: How many times can you bounce the ball with alternate hands without missing it?
Remember to set yourself targets, if you can bounce the ball five times try ten bounces.
Test your family to see how well they take up the challenge.
2):Our Health and wellbeing focus this month has been keeping safe so here is your second challenge: It is always important to wash your hands and at the moment so important.Think about all the things you do with your hands.Draw round your hands.On each finger draw or write about something you do with your hands during the day.Use your hands to design  a poster encouraging people in your house to  wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
Where do you think most people would see your poster in the house?
Display your poster in the best place.I'm looking forward to hearing how you get on this week and I would love to see the posters you make. gw07tavendaleanne7@glow.sch.uk
Happy designing. Mrs Tavendale

We are now using Google Classroom- Please email me on gw17maguireclaire1@glow.sch.uk if you need help getting on.Thanks Miss Maguire x x

Home Learning Resources. Please make sure you scroll all the way down to see all resources. Thanks!

W.B 27.04.20- I have uploaded tasks to be completed this week on Google Classroom- if you could message me on gw17maguireclaire1@glow.sch.uk if you need help getting on. 

Suggestions for routine- Literacy- Weekly spelling rule and common words from planner (below), Doorway Online, literacy grid. Reading with Big Cat ebooks, listen to a free audio book with David Walliams. choose a spelling strategy for a different way to learn your new words. Ask an adult to test you with a spelling test at the end of the week. Numeracy-EasiMaths, Sumdog or Numeracy grid (scroll down) Daily Timetable

Primary 2 sounds and common words up to June (click to open link)
How to access EasiMaths and Doorway Online via Glow
Mr Thorne does Phonics (great videos to teach the weekly sounds)
Spelling Strategies ideas   
Beginners French You can fill in the enrolement form for P1-4 and click Primary 2 to sign up for free french online lessons. 

W.B 20.04.20
21/4/20- Today is John Muir Day- why not research and learn some interesting facts about him!
Hello boys and girls- I hope you and your families had a lovely Easter break and enjoying this beautiful sunshine! Keep checking the website for resources and click th link above ^ to see our phonics and common words. Any problems or if you would like to write to me, my email address is below. I would love to hear from you all.  Miss you and our classroom! Adventure Ted has been sunbathing out the back garden (remembering his suncream) and even had a bubble bath in the washing machine! Lots of love and sending you a virtual hug! Miss Maguire x x

Twinkl is a great website, full of great resources and has been its membership FREE. I have added two packs below but if you want any other materials go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code CVDTTWINKLHELPS.
Revision home learning pack
Primary 2 home learning pack

This weeks reading books - Red group- Best Bird, Blue group-Bert's Band, Green group- Big Cat's Babies, Orange group- Arthur's Fantastic Party. Click link 'How to access Big Cat Ebooks' below and this will guide you. I have emaied each child on your glow with what colour of book to look at. Please also accept the invite in your child's inbox to join our google classroom.  

BBC Bitesize have introduced great home learning resources, there are daily lessons on numeracy, literacy, health and wellbeing and science. Please copy the link into your search bar and then select year 1/P2.   

Reading resource- (please click on the links below)
How to access Big Cat ebooks 
Reading comprehension questions book mark 
How to join Google Classroom guide

Hello Room 4! I have emailed you all through your glow account, with details of how to access 'sumdog'. This maths website has lots of great challenges I can set for you and I wil be able to check in and see how you're all doing. Stay safe everyone! If you've forgotten your glow login details or password,get someone at home to email me at gw17maguireclaire1@glow.sch.uk and I will send your glow details to them. You can also log on to glow (just like we do everyday in class) and access EasiMaths and Doorway Online.
Missing you!Miss Maguire

Reading W.B 23/04/20 
Author David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days. This might help parents to promote enjoyment for reading.
The link is https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses 
(copy and paste into search bar)Enjoy!
Lets start each morning with a PE slot with Jo Wicks at 9am. The Body Coach  (Click to open) Jump Start Johnny or Go Noodle are also favourites with Room 4!

W.B 16.03.20

I have attached a literacy and numeracy homework planners for your child to make their way through. Choosing one thing to do each night. Reading from now on will be a book of your child's choice for enjoyment. Here is a list of resources your child can make their way through. 


Handwriting poster
Literacy Homework grid
Numeracy Homework grid
Literacy and Numeracy Homwork grid
Primary 2 sounds and common words for year
Primary 2 Word Makers a_e to ee
Primary 2 Word Makers ng to ow
Primary 2 Word Makers oy to wh For word makers please print off, cut out the letters and make the words with the sound. 
Primary 2 dictated sentences You can read these out to your child for reinforcement of their sounds and common words. 
50 activities to do outdoors
Useful websites 
My activity booklet
STEM activities
Spring Maths pack  Miss out fraction and time page. 

STEM activities:
Glasgow Science Centre are bringing a bit of science into your home everyday at 10am. Join them on their facebook, instagram or twitter feeds.
websites 1 useful sites to access.
Websites 2

Non screen activities
Online Learning Resource pack-great advice on remote learning and useful websites to visit for all curricular areas.