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Hello Room 7!  
Welcome to your class page!  I am so looking forward to being your teacher this year and having lots of fun along the way!  

Mr McKenna 

PE Days:
Monday and Tuesday
22nd April

Good morning boys and girls!

I have attached a link to a new set of spelling words if you are looking for extra words to work on. These words are for Years 3 and 4, which is the English equivalent of Primary 4 and 5 here. This means some of these words are extra tricky but I remember how much you like a challenge so thought some of you would enjoy this! Remember you can use any active spelling strategy of your choice to learn these words and it is also beneficial for you to use the words to create your own sentences or silly story. Remember to try and up level your vocabulary to make the sentence as exciting as you can!

Spelling List

Mrs Farrell

21st April
Good morning everyone. I hope you are all able to enjoy this beautiful sunshine. I have found some great activities that are available throughout each week .
PE with Joe Wicks on You Tube
Available weekdays at 9am, but you can visit anytime to view workouts. I've been doing these with Luca and Marco and they're great fun.
Wildlife with Steve Backshall on Facebook
Wednesdays at 9.30am for answering your wildlife, biology, conservation and geography questions. Tomorrow is World Earth Day so Steve's Q and A will be about freshwater ecosysystems. He says 'the crazier the better' so get your crazy questions posted to him.
Science with Maddie Moate on You Tube 
Weekdays 11am where Maddie and Greg chat about science and nature. I loved learning about the Rafflesia Kerii. 
Dance with Oti Mabuse on Facebook
You can perfect your dance moves with Oti every day at 11.30am but you can view the routines at any time. 
Maths with Carol Vorderman 
Free access to her maths website:
Music with Myleene Klass on You Tube
This is posted twice a week but can be viewed anytime. This is great fun boys and girls. You can learn about 
music techniques and learn how to play any pop song.
Storytime with David Walliams 
Free story each day at 11am on his website:
There's also some great activities to try related to his books. Could you design your own 'World's Worst Child?'
Use the link on the site for tips and other great ideas.

I remember how creative and artistic you all are so I thought you would enjoy creating some of your own board games. I have attached some links to different board game templates that you can either print and draw/write on or you can edit them on the computer before printing. You may even just like to have a look at some of the different templates and use them as inspiration to create your own game completely from scratch. As an extra challenge, you could even create a set of instructions or booklet to accompany your game. I hope you enjoy this activity, if you choose to do it, and have lots of fun playing your finished game with your family. When we return to school, you can even bring in your game to show your friends and we could have a little games afternoon.

Board Game Template 1

Board Game Template 2 

Board Game Template 3

Board Game Template 4


20th April
Good morning to everyone in Room 7. I hope you all had a lovely Easter and are safe and well. I wanted to let you know that BBC Bitesize have created an amazing resource to help with home learning, which has went live this morning. It has a literacy, maths and other curricular activity for every day. To access this fantastic resource enter the following in your search engine:


Choose 'start a lesson', then select Year 3/P4.  Have fun everyone.

To all Room 7 Parents and Carers,
I know this is a challenging time for all of us. Please have a look at these websites for some help and advice.



The Glasgow Science Centre has set up great activities and experiments to try with your child on their You Tube channel. It includes things like: make your own nebula in a jar, design a planet and learning about Mars. It's great fun. Please also try the stem challenges at the bottom of this home learning activities section. This provides lots of fun ideas and challenges.  
Mrs Farrell

Hi all my wonderful boys and girls. I have emailed you all through your glow account (you all know your logins or were given a note home last week if you were unsure), to see how you're all doing and with details of how to access 'sumdog'. This maths website has lots of great challenges I have set for you and I wil be able to check in and see how you're all doing. Stay safe everyone! If you've forgotten your glow login details get someone at home to email me at gw07farrellcheryl@glow.sch.uk and I will send your glow details to them.

Missing you!

Mrs Farrell

Home Learning Resources 


Author David Walliams is releasing a free audio story every day for the next 30 days.

The link is https://bit.ly/AudioElevenses (copy and paste into search bar)


Please see attached home learning materials for your use.


P4 Literacy Home Learning Grid

Common Word Wordlist

Common Word Wordlist – Extra Challenging


P4 Maths Home Learning Grid

P4 Maths Learning Grid with Websites/Video Links

Times Table Games

Multiplication Grid

Across the Curriculum

P4 Across the Curriculum Home Learning Grid

Activity Booklet

List of Useful Websites and Resources

STEM activities:
Please click on the link below for some STEM ideas and activities you might like to try: