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Tuesday 1st September:
Our first Parent Council Meeting of the year will be held tomorrow evening, 2nd September at 7pm via Zoom.  If you would like to take part in the meeting, please contact the parent council via their Facebook page or contact the school directly for the joining details.  
Thursday 27th August:
Please note that next week, class teachers will begin issuing homework.  Our aim is that homework will be accessed online by our pupils via their class website, google classrooms or class twitter pages.  If you do not have access to a device, we can provide paper copies. 
Thursday 20th August:
Please note that Parent Pay is now live for all pupils in the school.  As we are now no longer able to accept cash payments, we would encoruage all parents to activate their accounts.  Primary 1 pupils will have a letter home today to guide parents through the activation process.  If anyone has any questions regarding setting up Parent Pay, please do not hesitate to contact the office and a member of staff will be happy to help you.  
Tuesday 18th August:
Our Primary 1 teachers, Miss Maguire and Mrs Field have put together a short video presentation which explains all about the pack issued to all pupils yesterday and a little about what your child will be learning over the first few weeks in Primary 1.  Please click the link to watch the video and don't hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.  
Primary 1 Welcome Presentation 
Monday 17th August 2020:
Today is a very exciting day as we welcome back all of our classes together.  We are very much looking forward to seeing everyone and doing everything we can to keep each other safe.  Please follow our guidance posted on the App about school drop offs and pick ups and remember to observe social distancing at all times. 
Wednesday 12th August 2020:
What a wonderful morning we have had welcoming our new Primary 1 children and their families and we are so happy the sun was shining for you!  We are so looking forward to seeing the rest of our children over the next two days.  
Our P.E. days can now be viewed by clicking the following link.  Please ensure your child(ren) is wearing their P.E. kit on their class P.E. Day. 
P.E timetable for classes 2020-2021
 Monday 10th August 2020:
We are so looking forward to welcoming our pupils back to school this week after what has been a very unusual time for all of us.  We hope you and your families have enjoyed your summer break and are as excited as we are to be starting back to school.  All of our staff will be in school tomorrow making finishing touches to preparations to make our school as safe and as 'normal' as possible and on Wednesday our new Primary 1 pupils will enjoy their first day!  As you will have seen already via our twitter and school app, we have a detailed plan for starting back this week.  Please click the link to read this in full:  Saint Vincent's Back to School August 2020 
For all our new Primary 1 pupils (or even some of our P2-7 pupils!) why not take another look at our welcome video before you start with us on Wednesday!  Just click the link:  Welcome to all our new pupils! 
Monday 22nd June:
As we enter our last 3 days of the school term we want to ensure you have all the information you need as we prepare for our new term in August.  All Report Cards and Class information for the new term can now be collected from our school office.  We had planned to email these to parents, but unfortunately due to a technical error, this is not possible.  Therefore, please ensure you collect your child's school report and class information before Wednesday at 1pm
The links below will also take you to our latest Information Letter and we would encourage you to read this thoroughly.  Please also see our information from Mrs Boyle about our plans for outdoor play and palyground rennovations going forward. 
School Newsletter - Information for August 
School Playground Project information 
Monday 8th June:
What an exciting week we have ahead!  Everyone will now know their teams for this week's Virtual Sports Day events and the activities involved!  We are all very excited and can't wait to see and hear about all your team efforts.  This is your last day of training before our Sports Day goes live so get up and get going today!  

Our next Bake-Along is also now live so click the link to get involved!  This week you voted for Coconut Chocolate Truffles.  We look forward as ever to see your fabulous efforts via the twitter or email them across to and we will share your photos in the main gallery.  
Monday 1st June:
We can't quite believe it is the 1st of June already!  Where has the time gone?!  We hope you had a lovely weekend and manged to enjoy some of that glorious sunshine!  Your teachers will be preparing lots of exciting tasks for you this week but please make sure you take the time to enjoy the sunshine while you can and perhaps even get some training in for our sports day event next week! You will know your teams by now and more information about the different events will be sent out this week!  We are all very excited about it!  

This week, our Bake-Along is Nutella Chocolate balls and we are really looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing what you think about them!  Click the link for the Bake-Along Video  
Tuesday 26th May:
We have been overwhelmed by the participation of our pupils in our weekly bake-along.  Please have a look at our school gallery to see our bake-along photos!  
Monday 25th May:
Happy bank holiday Monday everyone! Incase we have any keen Bank Holiday Bakers, I thought we had better post the bake-alongs today!  Remember this week we have two bake-alongs that you can take part in:  Chocolate Brownies and Victoria Sponge Cake. Hopefully you will have managed to get the ingredients for the bake you're taking part in this week. As always, we love to see the photos of your bakes so send them over via email or post them to the school twitter!  Happy Baking everyone!  
Chocolate Brownies Bake-Along
Victoria Sponge Cake Bake-Along 
On your marks, get set, BAKE! 
Monday 18th May:
Welcome back everyone to another 4 day week before our bank holiday weekend this week.  It's not so sunny just now but we hope it will brighten up by the weekend so that you can enjoy spending some time outside.  We hope all our children who were due to make their First Communion on Saturday had a special day with their families as we look forward to a time when we can all celebrate together.  

The Bake-Along video link for this week is now available to view via the school app or by clicking this link here: Bake-Along 4: Triple Chocolate Cookies 
Have a great day everyone and keep checking your google classrooms and school app for new from your class teachers.  
Monday 11th May:
To all our new pupils, starting with us in Primary 1 in August, we are so sad that you won't be able to visit us as planned at the end of this month.  However, we want you to know that we are looking forward to meeting you and can't wait for you to be part of the Saint Vincent's family.  If you click the link, you will be able to watch a short video showing you around our school until you are able to visit in person: Video for our new Primary 1 pupils 
Parents of our new Primary 1 pupils should also receive a pack over the next couple of weeks with information relating to your child starting school with us.  We look forward to welcoming you to our school and hopefully we will have the chance to meet with you all very soon. 
Monday 11th May:
Welcome back everyone after what we hope was an enjoyable long weekend.  As always, we continue to pray for all our families in the Saint Vincent's community, hoping you are all keeping safe and well.  
The Bake-Along video link for this week is now available to view via the school app or by clicking this link here:  Bake-Along 3: Empire Biscuits  
Monday 4th May:
Welcome back everyone.  We hope you had a lovely weekend and continued to enjoy the lovely sunshine!  We enjoyed seeing all your photographs from Mrs Boyle's Reading Challenge on Friday.  Remember if you didn't manage to take part on Friday, the wonderful activities can still be accessed from the links posted earlier in the week.  (please see post below!) 

The Bake-Along video link is now also available to view via the school app or by clicking this link here:  Bake-Along 2: Marble Cake 

Mrs Ziolo has also prepared a Health and Wellbeing activity mat that you may wish to try this week too so please click the link:  HWB Activities 
As you will see, your teachers have also been very busy planning exciting activities for you to do during this '3 day week' this week so we hope you will be able to give some of those a try whilst enjoying the sunshine!  Have a great Monday everyone! 
Wednesday 29th April:
We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and well and enjoying taking part in your different classroom activities as well as enjoying some down time and spending time with your families.  
This Friday, Mrs Boyle has a very special challenge for all the boys and girls in St. Vincent's.  Please click the link below to watch her video message and access her challenge for you!  Enjoy everyone!! 

Reading Challenge Video Message from Mrs Boyle - Please click to open 
Monday 27th April:
Welcome back everyone.  We hope you had a lovely weekend and managed to enjoy the sunshine!  We continue to pray for all our pupils and families of Saint Vincent's and hope that you are all keeping safe and well.  
The Bake-Along video link is now also available to view via the school app!
As you will see, your teachers have also been very busy planning exciting activities for you to do this week so we hope you will be able to give some of those a try whilst enjoying the sunshine!  Have a great Monday everyone! 
Monday 20th April:
Welcome back everyone!  Not quite the start back to our final term that we were hoping for this year but we will continue to keep in touch via the App, Twitter and our website with lots of advice, information and activities for you to do at home.

The first thing we would like to make you aware of is free access to the Big Cat books that we use in school as part of our reading programme. Copy and paste the following link into your browser and you will be taken to the Collins Big Cat webpage where you will be able to access ebooks and worksheets to continue literacy work at home: Just follow the instructions and you will be able to access over 300 books and activities.  
Thursday 23rd April:
Hi Everyone!  Starting next week, we will be posting a Saint Vincent's Bake Along Video every Monday. We will give you a list of the ingredients you need every Thursday/Friday and then on Monday, we will share a bake-along video guiding you through making the cake! Our first bake-along will be Mars Bar Cake.  The ingredients you will need are:  2 packs of 4 Mars Bars, 4 tablespoons of Golden Syrup, 4 tablespoons of margerine (half a pack of the stork marg in the foil wrapping is best!), 300g bar of milk cooking chocolate and rice crispies.  You will also need a large pot and a baking tray (rectangular roughly 12" by 8")  Looking forward to baking with you all on Monday if you are able to take part!  
Wednesday 1st April:
Happy First of the Month everyone!  We are continuing to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers and hoping you are all managing to stay safe and well during this time.  

Todays app of the day is:  Hopscotch-Programming for kids - for all those budding coding and software programming enthusiasts, this is the app for you!  
Todays website of the day is: - everyday you will be shown a different image to help create your very own story! Today's picture is Animal Town - lots of imaginative stories can come from this! 
Friday 27th March:
As always we are wishing our entire school community good health and keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers at this time. 

Todays app of the day is:  Maths Champions lite for kids 
Todays website of the day is: - every day at 11am, a new audio story is released for free on sound cloud.  Just scroll down to where it says 'elevenses' - click on this and you will be taken to the story of the day!  The story for today is all about Hank's Pranks! It's a good one! 
Thursday 26th March:
Today our schools across SLC moved into a Hub model of working to support all our Category 1&2 Key Workers needing support with Childcare.  This means that we won't see our pupils for some time and although this is very difficult for all of us, we are all still working hard to make sure you can keep in touch with us and we can provide different ideas, websites, apps and activities you can all be doing at home.  We will also keep you posted with any updates as and when we have them.  

Todays app of the day is: 10 Minutes a Day Times Tables 
Todays website of the day is:  'audible' - Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith is free to download today!  A great book suitable for 8-12 year olds.  Go and download it and listen to this great story - 6hours long!! (also available via googleplay store!)

For now, please look after yourselves and each other and know that our thoughts and prayers are with all our families at this time.  
Monday 20th January:
Thank you to all the parents who came to our school to enrol their children for Primary 1 in August.  It was lovely meeting so many of you and we look forward to working with you over the coming months in preparation for your children starting school.  

This week we will have a focus on Scotland across the curriciulum and will celebrate this with a Scottish celebration on Friday afternoon.  

Please continue to check the app for information on after school clubs and upcoming events.
Monday 6th January:
Welcome back after what we hope was a very Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our cildren and families.  We have a very busy term ahead so please keep an eye on the Website and school app for regular updates and important dates for your diaries.  Remember you can also take a look at photos of what's happening in our school via the school twitter using the handle: EKVincents

Infant Enrolment:
Please note that Infant Enrolment for pupils starting school in August 2020 will take place here in the school on the following dates:

Monday 13th January from 10am - 2pm
Tuesday 14th January from 10am - 2pm 
Wednesday 15th January from 10pm - 2pm 
Friday 17th January from 10am - 2.00pm 

Parents should bring a copy of the child's full birth certificate and Baptismal certificate (where applicable).  Parents are also required to provide 2 documents (utility bill etc.) as proof of residency.  
Thursday 19th December:
What a busy week we have had with Christmas Parties, Choir outings and our Primary 1-3 panto trip!  Huge thank you to our parent council for funding the Primary 1-3 trip to the panto.  A wonderful time was had by all (including the teachers!!).  Tonight, our Choir will perform their annual Christmas Concert.  Tomorrow morning, we will celebrate our final Mass of the year followed by a Carol Service and we would be happy for you all to join us!  Remember that school will close at 2.30pm tomorrow afternoon. 
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our families and friends of Saint Vincent's a very
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!