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Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. During the school closure any resources will be added to the Curriculum Update section below. If you have any problems with the resources or any questions please use the class twitter page. Collins Big Cat are allowing access to free ebooks online for the children to read, each week i will set a book for the week either on red band or yellow band. Please follow the login details in the Curriculum Update section. I have also set the children up with access to a Maths website called Sumdog, please message me on the class twitter page for the children's logins. This site will allow me to set tasks and track how the children are getting on! Again if you have any questions please contact me on the class twitter page.

Thanks Mrs McGeary
Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Hi Everyone, as this is your last full week as Primary 1 I thought you might like to have a think back to all the fun things we have done this year. I've also given you a summer holiday hope sheet, have a think about what things you'd like to do this summer as its going to be a bit different from other years and there is also an All About Me sheet for you to fill in for whoever your teacher will be next year.

End of the year
Summer Holiday Hope Sheet
All About Me

Week Beginning June 8th 2020
Hi there everyone! In this week's placemat we have prepared for you a mixture of STEM science activities, outdoor and summer activities. This week is also Sports Week, so there is a score sheet below that you can send me and I'll submit to Mrs.Tavendale. I hope you have been practising!!

Placemat 8th June
Sun Safety Word Search
Design your own Flip Flops
Lions Score Sheet
Week Beginning 1st of June 2020
Hi Everyone, with the weather forecast for this week looking like another scorcher we are taking a break from the weekly timetable. Below you will find a Placemat with suggested activities that will get you outdoors in the sun, having fun with your family and getting you moving! There are no star activities this week but if you do try out any of the activities in the placemat please be sure to send lots of pictures! Look out for a daily fitness challenge on the class twitter that will get you warmed up and ready for next week's Sports Week. Have fun and stay safe!

Week Beginning 25th May 2020
Hi Everyone, I hope you had a good holiday weekend. This week's phoneme is 'ph' and the common words are 'our,down, off'. The Big Cat books this week are Red Level: Snap!, Yellow Level: Sam the Big, Bad Cat and Blue Level: Talk Talk Talk. In Sumdog this week we are still doing a mixture of activities. Here is the weekly timetable and actvities:
Weekly Timetable 25th May
Ph nonsense words
Ph find and write
Ph cut and stick
Red Level Comprehension
Yellow Level Comprehension
Blue Level Comprehension
Daily Mental Maths
Bugs Bar Graph
Fitness Name Challenge
Week Beginning 18th May 2020
Hi there! This week is a revision week for all the long vowels ai, ee, ie, oa and ue and common words over the last few weeks. The suggested weekly timetable is below along with the activities. This week's Big Cat books are Yellow: Rolling and Blue:The Lonely Penguin. In Sumdog this week we are giving you a mixture of different Maths & Numeracy skills. 
Weekly Timetable 18.5.20
Phoneme wordsearch
Phoneme bingo
Common word wordsearch
Comprehension worksheet "Rolling"
Comprehension worksheet "The Lonely Penguin"
Maths & Numeracy
Daily mental maths
https://pages.sumdog.com  (Variety of Numberacy aand Maths skills)
Pattern Worksheet 1
Pattern Worksheet 2
Pattern Worksheet 3
Symmetry Worksheet 1
Symmetry Worksheet 2
Symmetry Worksheet 3
Worry Story
Scavenger Hunt
Week Beginning 11th May 2020
Hi Everyone! You will find this week's suggested learning timetable below. Our phoneme is "ue" and our common words are: him, all, came. The Big Cat Reading Books for this week are: Red – Have you ever, Yellow - It was a cold dark night and Blue: Bert’s Band. You will also find some "ue" activities below. In Sumdog Maths this week we are remembering all we have learned about Money this year. On the timetable there are a variety of different tasks and there are extra Money activities below:
Weekly Timetable 

'ue' cut & stick
'ue' nonsense words
'ue' find and write
'ue' wordsearch
https://pages.sumdog.com  (Money)
Daily mental maths
Add money to 20p
How much money?
What coins can I use?
How much in the jar?
Week Beginning 4th May 2020
Hi there Everyone! You will find this week's suggested learning timetable below. Our phoneme is "oa" and our common words are: said, big, could. The Big Cat Reading Books for this week are: Red:Cat & Dog Play Hide and Seek and Yellow: Elephant's Ears. You will find "oa" activities below also. In Sumdog Maths this week we are remembering all we have learned about Shape this year. On the timetable there are a variety of different tasks and there are extra Shape activities below 
Suggested Weekly Timetable Week Beginning 4,5,20
"oa" Cut & Stick
"oa" Sound Activity Sheet
"oa" Sound Make & Break
"oa" Word Search
Numeracy & Maths
https://pages.sumdog.com  (Shape)
Daily mental maths
Shape extra sheets
https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjv39j6 (2D and 3D shape videos)
Week beginning 27.4.20
Good Morning Boys and Girls!
Every Monday there will be a Weekly Learning Plan uploaded with a suggested schedule. This is only a suggested timetable and not all activities have to be completed. All resource sheets required can be found below and the rest can be found in your Home Learning Pack that was sent home. There are 3 star activities for you to send me a picture of on the class twitter or my email, you can either send them when you complete them or on Fantastic Friday! I really can’t wait to see all your hardwork!
This weeks phoneme is “ie’ and our common words are made, like and make.
Big Cat Books for the week are Red – The Magic Egg and Yellow – Milo’s Moustache.
Weekly Learning Plan
Cut and stick
Find and Write
Phoneme and Common words
Ideas to help your child with writing

Numeracy & Maths
This week on Sumdog we are revising all we have learned about time, There are a variety of activities on the weekly learning plan (above) and below you will find some extra worksheets on Time. I am adding the daily mental maths that I would like to you to do also. This is just what we used to do in class.
https://pages.sumdog.com   (Time)
Daily mental maths
Extra Time worksheets
Week beginning 20.4.20
Big Cat ebooks:
Please follow the login details on the above site and click on the Big Cat resource page. This week the books are Red - The Magic Egg or Yellow - Rat-a-tat-tat.
Below is a bookmark with some question ideas for before/during/after reading the book.
Question Bookmark
This week the new phoneme is 'ai'.
Please find below some activities to try at home, the children have used these activities in class before. The answers are attached to each activity.
Write and Colour
Cut and Paste
During the last term the children normally do a minibeast topic. Below is a topic plan for using with the children called 'In The Garden'. Please share some pictures with us all on the class twitter page of any activities the children do.
In The Garden
Numeracy and Maths
100 square
Week Beginning 20.4.20
Week beginning 30.3.20
This week is a revision week. Please see activities below and some suggestions of online activities.
Block 6 Wordsearch
Block 6 common words bingo/matching pairs
Online activities 1
Online activities 2
Next week's sound "oo" words and sentences week beginning 23.3.20
Literacy Placemat 
Long and Short Vowel Sounds
All Primary 1 sounds for words makers
All Primary 1 Common words
Words and Sentences for long vowel sounds ai. oa, ie, ue
Numeracy Subtraction Placemat
0-10 number Line
Subtraction Worksheets
Across the Curriculum Placemat
R.E. Holy Week Activities
Outdoor Art Placemat
STEM activities:
Please find below the template for the Word Makers to be used at home with the children and sentence making helpsheets:
Word Maker 1
Word Maker 2
Sentence Making 1
Sentence Making 2
If any parent has requested to join the class twitter but are still waiting on approval or if you require the twitter page name could you please see Mrs McGeary. The twitter will be updated on a more regular basis than the class website.
Please see below the homework placemats for September/October:
Health and Wellbeing Placemat 1
Literacy Placemat 1
Numeracy Placemat 1
Phonics and common words yearly planner
Ideas  to help your child 
Please find attached the powerpoint from the Curriculum Evening.